SCC Heifers:

     Heifers are the ‚Äčfoundational building blocks of any herd.  At SCC, we strive to produce heifers with size, conformation, color, and horn to produce a total package female that can take any program to the next level.  We utilize artificial insemination to develop each successive generation of superior females and cull hard for a gentle disposition.  

SCC Thunders Mavis - $1,500
DOB: 3/15/18 61"ttt
SCC Clear Thunder X Hunts HCR Senago Matilda
SCC Iron Nora - Not For Sale
DOB: 2/12/2019 - 37"ttt
Drag Iron X Hunts HCR Senago Matilda
SCC Pacific Cowgirl - Not For Sale
DOB: 4/18/2019 - 34"ttt
Pacific Cowboy 40 X Get Go
SCC Unregistered - $750
DOB: 7/6/2019 Heifer
SCC Tuff As Hickory X Unregistered Dam
SCC Sadie Hawkins - $2,500
DOB: 5/20/2020
SCC Tuff As Hickory x SCC Thunders Sally
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